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Title: EPYKA
          (eh - puh - yuh - kuh - ah).

Developer: Singular Perception s.r.l. Based in Pieve Ligure, Italy.

Genre: First -person, exploration, story-driven, puzzle solving adventure

Release date: Autumn 2018.

Platforms: HTC Vive/Oculus

Regular Price/Cost: TBD.

Languages: English audio.


EPYKA is a vibrant VR adventure game set in the beautiful ancient world of EPYKA.  You play Doctor Scott Hudson who has set out on an adventure to discover this lost world and its secrets. With the help of Jack, Scott's trusty dog, you will explore the mysterious islands of EPYKA.   But the ancient inhabitants of EPYKA hid their secrets well. To unravel the mystery of EPYKA you will have to use your whits to solve the strange and curious puzzles that unlock the secret of EPYKA.  

Jack is more than just a dog.  Jack is there to help lead and guide the player through the game through his realistic playful animations and interactions with the player. Jack is the perfect companion for this adventure and will help Scott get out of a few tight spots.

On your adventure you will come across Talima, she is a shaman that has been frozen in time from, this, the oldest of civilisations.   With her and Jacks help can you solve the mystery that is EPYKA?

EPYKA is a family friendly adventure that will appeal to all those who enjoy exploration and puzzle solving.   

EPYKA is set in a bright, vibrant, colourful, stylised world that immediately engages with the player.


EPYKA is the first VR game developed and released by Singular Perception, based in Pieve Ligure (Italy). Singular Perception developed the game using the latest technology and techniques and utilised the services of specialists from around the world to produce an absorbing VR  experience. 

EPYKA began as an investigation into new techniques for interaction and navigation in VR using and building on emotional connections within the game. “We want to surprise and delight audiences with memorable characters and a non-violent experience”. The artworks are inspired by a mixture of architectural styles, artistic movements and personal and real life influences, each translated into stunning characters and landscapes.

To expand the project to a full VR experience, the team drew on their strengths in creating beautiful environments and zen-like puzzles. The project was heavily inspired by beautiful yet isolated regions from around the world, including Carabbien, Greece and Sardinia. Further inspiration came from neolithic sites and artifacts, including Stonehenge. Exploring a world filled with these spectacular landscapes, the player is tasked with awakening an ancient civilization using their adventure and puzzle solving abilities.

The team were particularly interested in building in a strong emotional connection between the player and Jack. The team researched and broke down those common and playful characteristics that dogs display and built a custom behavioural system to really bring Jack to life. Jack really does become your faithful companion that helps and guides you through the game.


  • Jack behaves like a playful real dog. Custom behavioural systems based on real dog behaviours bring Jack to life.
  • Jack, through his actions, provides hints and tips keeping the player immersed and engaged in the game.
  • Jack can be controlled by your voice. Using simple commands, well he is a dog! you can direct Jack’s actions.
  • Engaging interactive story driven adventure co-written by BAFTA winer Martin Korda
  • Non violent puzzle solving adventure that is family friendly


Controllers required (Oculus and Vive).




Logo & Icon

download logo files as .zip (1,4MB)



Will the game be coming to consoles

There is nothing planned at this time, but if there is demand from the fans then we will seriously consider it.

Does the game support controllers?












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